CEF – Austria’s leading provider of language training, translation and interpretation services for companies.

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Institut CEF ®, International Education Institute, GmbH founded in 1983 is Austria’s leading provider of Language Training, Translation & Interpreting, Specialized Courses (Management, Marketing, and Leadership) and Language Study Trips for companies.

We train in the practical use of the language and our participants can make use of their new knowledge rapidly and soundly.  Keep it simple and short! Efficiency becomes apparent when the language is spoken. Right from the very beginning, removing inhibitions to speak are a main priority. CEF ® trains the most well-known companies in all global languages!

We at CEF support individual learning and adjust our training programmes exactly to meet the requirements of our participants and clients.

One of our priorities is to provide the best possible training by way of maximum commitment of our CEF staff members.

Individuality, flexibility and dynamics are major characteristics of our training programmes and are always included as an integral component when developing each training concept.

Strategically oriented targets have to be the guarantee for intensive training which results in an optimum outcome.

Just as in Language Training we also strive to achieve the best, well above average, results in our business sector of Translation and Interpreting. Fast order processing, perfect specialist translations and interpreting services, specialist knowledge in various industries and a close relationship with our clients are the cornerstones of these CEF services.

The CEF staff members distinguish themselves through specialized knowledge and strong communication skills. Doing a perfect job in the services of our clients is a matter of course and a personal priority for each one of us.

In everything we do, the individual is the centre of our attention.

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Under the TOP 3

CEF is one of the three most well-known training institutes in Austria.

Best Mark 1

The CEF characteristics of Reliability, Flexibility, Personal attention, Competency of the Trainers and Individual Planning all received the top evaluation of 1.


Institut CEF Competence Center West

4020 Linz, Europaplatz 4
T: +43 / (0)5 75 0 10 40
F: +43/ (0)5 75 0 10 49

CEF Seminar Center Dornbirn

6850 Dornbirn, Gütlestraße 7a

T: +43 / (0)5 75 0 10 10
F: +43/ (0)5 75 0 10 19

Institut CEF Competence Center East

1040 Wien, Plößlgasse 11
T: +43 / (0)5 75 0 10
F: +43/ (0)5 75 0 10 19
M: office@cef.at

CEF Seminar Center Graz

8042 Graz, Messendorfgrund 23

T: +43 / (0)5 75 0 10 10
F: +43/ (0)5 75 0 10 19

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